Benefits of Live Chat Support for Businesses in the U.K

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Benefits of Live Chat Support for Businesses in the U.K

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The customer service agents of any company today deal with a majority of young consumers. Consumers that are tech savvy, that is online all the time thanks to their smartphones and consumers that instead of talking to a customer service rep on the phone would rather use other mediums of communication to get their issues resolved. One of these mediums happens to be live website chat. Live chat support is a service that allows visitors to your website to interact with your brand online in real-time. It is quickly becoming the most preferred channel for customer service.

There are many advantages for the customers for communicating their issues over chat. It is not just the customers that benefit from live chat support, it is the companies as well. Below are some of the top benefits of offering live chat support to your customers –

  • Real-Time Problem Solving

Live chat allows your business to resolve your customer’s issues in real-time. This increases customer satisfaction by a great deal. Earlier those customers had to stay on call or log their complaints via email and then sit around waiting for your agents to call them. Now, with live chat, this entire tedious transaction can be handled in just one quick conversation.

  • Multiple Device Support

Your website’s chat support service works on every device. Your customers can chat with you even using their mobile devices. Today, over 50% of online visitors prefer to go online using their smartphones or tablets. Live chat allows these users to get the support they need from your business on the go, which is a massive plus point towards improving customer experience.

  • Improves Conversion Rate

If you have an online business like an e-commerce company, live chat support can help you convert visitors into buyers. When your visitors get on the spot information about the products and learn about their various features and benefits, it will increase the chance of them making the purchase. All of this means a positive bottom line for your online business, all thanks to living chat support to your customers.

  • Easy Lead Capturing

For a B2B company that looks to acquire leads of other businesses that might be interested in their services, live chat is a big advantage. It lets prospective clients chat with your agents and learn about your services and solutions. Your agents can get their contact details on the spot and do not have to wait for them to fill your website’s contact form. Chat support makes capturing B2B lead details faster and easier.

  • Easy Set-up

For all the benefits chat support offers, it is relevantly easy to set up. All that is needed is a line of code inserted into the backend or the source code of the website. In some cases, simply adding a plugin in the backend does the trick as well if you do not want to go for the whole coding thing. It is simple, effective and extremely necessary.

As important as chat support services are for businesses, there are many that prefer to outsource this service to a third party BPO services company in the U.K. The reasons are clear, to reduce their expenses of hiring an in-house team, to get access to specialized staff and infrastructure, and to be able to focus on their core competencies at the same time. Octopus Tech offers chat support services in the U.K that allows businesses cater to the changing needs of their customers and offers them multi-channel support services they demand. For more information, contact us today.