Why Analytics Has A Significant Role in Call Centres in the U.K

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Why Analytics Has A Significant Role in Call Centres in the U.K

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The call center industry in the U.K is going through a transformation. It is no longer just about answering phone calls or making calls to customers. Call centres have become a hub for customer engagement and customer satisfaction. The importance of excellent customer service is being realized by organizations of various industries across the country. A big role in customer delight is being played but customer data and analytics. Not just customer analytics but analytics regarding the performance of the call centres itself to know where it is headed and what improvements can be made.

The Increasing Importance of Call Centre Analytics

As stated above, analytics are extremely important for any call centre company. It lets the management get an important insight into the performance of the centre to see if the organization’s goals are being met. Not just the organization’s goals but the client’s goals that are crucial need to be met and analytics can help track that.

This data can then be used to take corrective actions if the performance is found to be deviating from the targets set by management. There are several tools used in BPO companies that also help measure performance like customer satisfaction (CSAT), number of calls per agent, number of inquiries resolved etc. This data is crucial for analyzing any call centre’s performance.

Analytics Help Improve Customer Interactions

Analytics does not just help call centres manage their internal operations better but also plays a big role in changing the way customers interact with them and vice versa. One of the reasons people hate calling customer care of any company is the long hold time. No one has the patience to stay on hold, listening to terrible hold music waiting for someone to attend to their issues. Another major problem is that customers have to provide the same information several times regarding their case history. This sort of redundancy leads to customer dissatisfaction.

With the help of analytics, call centres can check call volume trends to know which the busiest time of the day for them is so that they can manage their workforce accordingly. The breaks, shift timings and off days can be managed in such a way that appropriate amount of manpower is available to handle the high call volumes when needed the most. User analytics can help agents map and record customer information in a centralized database so that whoever gets the call from the same customer again are well aware of their issue, hence reducing redundancy of information sharing.

Better Analytics Leads to Better Process Management

Analytics helps streamline every process at a call centre while increasing customer satisfaction for your client’s customers. The ultimate goal has to be customer engagement and customer delight as that is what keeps both a call centre and its clients in business. By partnering with a company like Octopus Tech that combines call centre services with data analytics to provide customer experience solutions that raise the level of operations and customer interaction.

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