The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Services

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Services

outsourcing lead generation services

Hard times call for hard actions. This saying has never been truer than for now. In today’s cutthroat competition, relying solely on inbound marketing to generate qualified leads is not enough. But what if you are provided with an option of outsourcing lead generation, or in other words, hire 3rd party professionals to produce enough supply of warm leads to keep your sales team busy, won’t that be nice?

The only other way I see for inbound marketing to be effective is to produce tremendous amount of interesting, relevant content on a regular basis which, if not impossible, can prove quite difficult as one would need to spend a significant amount on content development budget (as we know, blogs and white papers don’t write themselves) which in turn will exhaust your resources and consume a lot of time. This doesn’t seem like much of an option, does it?

And burdening your in-house sales team with lead generation task via cold calling is (if I might be frank enough to say so) not the best use of your sales team either whose prime ability is to convert leads into customers, not generate them.

Outsourcing your lead generation services to worthy firms will do exactly that for you. Let’s find out how:


Hiring an outsourcing firm to generate leads for you is the best decision financially you can make for your company. Not sure how? Try setting up an in-house workspace dedicated solely to lead generation and include the costs of infrastructure along with support and administrative costs.

Now consider the cost and time-consuming process of hiring and training a completely new sales team. And don’t forget to add the hidden expenses which always tag along somehow. Nervous?

Outsourcing firms already have professionals with years of experience who are experts in generating qualifying leads through cold calling for a minimal fee. Your sales team can finally focus on what they are best at, selling products.

Focus on Core Activities

Maintaining an in-house sales team takes up a lot of time and energy on your part. Searching for and hiring new employees, training them to suit your company’s needs will take months.

Whereas hiring a professional contractor, acquainting him with your needs and expectations will take only a few days and within no time you will start getting the results too.

One of the primary benefits of hiring an outsourcing firm is to leave your staff free for other important tasks and give time to you as well to focus on core activities of your business such as campaigning or promoting a product.

Work with Qualified Team

Whenever a company decides to hire an outsourcing firm to handle its lead generation component, what they get is a team of experts who are trained solely for cold-calling purpose with years of experience.

These outsourcing experts not only deliver the right sales to keep the business going but also provide constant guidance to the companies on the current trends in the market and how to upgrade or install new sales strategies depending upon the business.

Working with a company capable of finding you those desired prospects with the help of skilled sales team is nothing less than a blessing from God himself.

Gain from State-of-the-art Technology

Keeping oneself up-to-date with the current marketing trends along with the advancements in technology can be quite tiresome, keeping your entire sales team up to date with marketing trends and technology can drive most people out of their senses.

And it’s not only providing seminars to educate your employees about the technology you should worry about, you should also provide the required infrastructure including computers, phones and essential software to track calls and leads back to the source.

When you work with a trusted outsourcing firm, you won’t have to worry about these as they already are experts equipped with state-of-the-art technology and software required to do the job along with providing critical feedback as well.

Employing Pipeline Strategy

Are you aware that 99% of leads never get converted into customers as per Forrester? The reason behind it is relying too heavily on quantity (and evaluating the sales based on cost per lead) rather than focus on generating customers and revenue.

The solution is pipeline marketing which takes lead generation to the next level by analysing marketing and sales data to enable decision making and goals based on revenue.

Another key benefit of working with a reputed outsourcing company is that the hired teams are generally well qualified to apply pipeline strategy into their workforce to generate revenue and keep your company’s sales up and running.

Apart from the above mentioned, other benefits include:

1.Producing quality leads to your sales representatives, letting them focus only on what they were hired to do i.e. make sales.

2.Hiring call centre outsourcing firms also help companies by providing crystal clear feedback on lead quality and success rates.

3.Another benefit includes the outsourcing firm’s ability to adjust itself according to the fluctuations in businesses by ramping up or down the number of leads according to your company’s requirements.

Outsourcing companies are generally experts in their field equipped with advanced technology and professionals with years of experience working 24/7 to assist you in achieving your dreams.

Hire one to avail all the benefits and stay on top of your competition.