Significance of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services in the U.K.

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Significance of Outsourcing Telemarketing Services in the U.K.

outsourcing telemarketing services

Every prospect, once during his lifetime must go through the tough decision of choosing between outsourced telemarketing services and hiring In-house telemarketers. Though both seem pretty viable options, the winner can only be one and in the countries like the United Kingdom with a strong economy, opting the one that best serves your needs can take you long ways toward your road to success and vice versa.

Analysing past records, the trend of Outsourcing has been on the rise. In fact, U.K. has become the World’s largest Outsourcing market after the United States and has left In-house telemarketing services far behind long ago. The annual contract value of Outsourcing market in this country jumped 16 percent in 2012 to $3.75 billion. €1.4 billion worth of contracts were awarded to Outsourcing in the first quarter of 2017 alone.

Flattered already? Wait, there is yet more. Below are mentioned some of the key significant points as to why you should consider Outsourcing telemarketing services in U.K. (in case you are still harbouring any doubts)

  • Friendly Government Policies and Stability –

The U.K. government greatly encourages and supports the outsourced telemarketing industry by applying various policies to assist start-ups and established companies alike. Political stability also plays an important role to ensure long-term contracts.

  • Ideal Location for East and West –

The geographical location alone makes it a top priority among companies worldwide. With only a small time zone difference between Eastern (few hours behind) and Western (few hours ahead) countries, queries can be solved in approx. real time.

  • Ranking Top in Outsourcing Surveys Worldwide –

U.K. has been ranked as the top in the various surveys conducted by the independent research firms due to its promising and competitive Outsourcing market. several of its cities have been listed in the Top 20 outsourcing destinations worldwide.

  • Cost Effective in Long Run –

Though Outsourcing from U.K. may not be as cheap as compared to other Asian countries, the quality of the service delivered along with problem-solving aptitude and better collaboration due to its small time difference serves as highly cost-effective in the long run.

  • English as a Native Language –

Another great advantage of Outsourcing your tele-calling services in U.K. is English itself which serves as the native language which provides great command over the fluency of the language along with a better understanding and deliverance of the customer’s demands than their non-native counterparts.

  • Experienced and expertise-oriented service providers –

One of the main reasons why U.K. emerged as the top priority in providing Outsourcing facilities is the availability specialized firms with years of experience which are fully capable of handling any Outsourcing contracts from small businesses to large multi-national corporations.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of Outsourcing in U.K., the advantages of Outsourcing itself over In-house telemarketing include cost efficiency, working with experts with years of experience, brand awareness, transparency and feedback to name a few.

Considering the above points in mind, opting for outsourced telemarketing services is clearly a win-win situation and probably the best possible decision you can make in favour of your company.