Debunking 8 Common Myths Associated with Call Centres

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Debunking 8 Common Myths Associated with Call Centres

Debunking call centre myths

Perceptions regarding call centres vary from person to person, despite the fact that most of these come from people who haven’t had any experience working in one. The general image that pops in one’s head whenever thinking of call centres is of a room filled with people (probably of Indian or Filipino descent) sitting in small cubicles handling calls with headphones over their head.

One thing they don’t realise is how drastically call centres have changed over the years. Call centres of today have completely transformed the way they operate with client companies and deal with customers. In fact, they have become the cornerstone for customer service strategies and are now becoming known as customer loyalty engines for enterprises.

Below are mentioned some of the closely held consumer misconceptions about call centres that current innovative technologies have debunked.


  1. Customers dislike Talking to Agents with Accent

Myth: Many people believe that call centre agents working in other countries won’t solve their problems due to the accent or language barriers.

Busted: Customers don’t care who they are talking to on the other line as long as they are receiving the service they seek in the first place.


  1. Call Centres are for Younger Generation

Myth: Since most call centres accept high school students and fresh graduates, people generally believe that the environment it presents is for younger generation only.

Busted: Most call centres have wide variety of ages, with individuals over the age of 40 as eager to work as any fresher. The only eligibility it requires is handling of calls and computer regardless of the age factor.


  1. Robots will Take over Customer Service

Myth: With the rise of various chatbot applications along with Alexa and Siri, people have cultivated a belief that Artificial Intelligence will replace humans in the nearby future.

Busted: Technology serves to assist and enhance customer service by adding more value to it but that doesn’t mean we will be phased out entirely, human experience will be needed.


  1. Call Centres are mostly ‘Cost Centres’

Myth: Since long, call centres have been viewed as a ‘cost centre’ within the enterprise whose only capability is cutting costs to improve the bottom line.

Busted: Only call centres have the ability to turn a frustrated customer into a loyal one and only companies understand how crucial a role ‘positive experience for customers’ plays in generating revenues.


  1. Career had Come to Dead End

Myth: This is the most common myth circulating around working in a call centre that it means an end to your career and you will be handling calls for the rest of your life.

Busted: Career possibilities here are endless as companies rather prefer promoting an existing agent as a team leader, account manager or even shift to other departments than hiring a new one.


  1. Telephonic Conversations aren’t a Thing Anymore

Myth: This myth has been circulated because of the presence of multiple customer support channels nowadays that are expanding beyond the phone such as social media, smartphone applications, SMS and chat.

Busted: Telephonic conversations will not be replaced so easily as apart from the older generation which mostly prefers talking to a real person, our younger generation too switch from web to phones often times to get their complicated issues resolved.


  1. Call Centre Agents don’t Care much about People

Myth: Another common misconception about call centre agents that handle customer queries is that they don’t care much about providing quality customer service.

Busted: Since companies fully acknowledge the role that agents play in improving the customer experience along with the business values and cost benefits that are attached to it, they make it their priority to foster their agents’ success.


  1. Managers Care more about Quantity than Quality

Myth: This myth is another way of saying that managers want agents to handle as many calls as possible in as little time as possible thus preferring quantity over quality.

Busted: Customer service team usually aspires to productivity and efficiency in equal measures. You do not want to spend 25 min talking to an agent over a query which can efficiently be resolved in 3 minutes.



While there are numerous other myths concerning the efficacy of call centres, the fact is that hiring a professional call centre to handle your inbound and outbound call related services can be of great benefit to your company, providing superior service at affordable rates.

We are fully aware that your answering services act as an extension of your business to your clients. Why wait if you are falling short with customer service?

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