How Outsourcing can Improve Your Business’s Customer Service

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How Outsourcing can Improve Your Business’s Customer Service

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If you are reading this article, I assume you are giving some serious thoughts about changing your business’ game plan and taking it to the next level via customer service outsourcing but still harbouring a few doubts about its effectiveness. Why? Probably because you still picture call centres as a room packed with people (maybe of Indian or Filipino descent) sitting in small cubicles, handling calls.

If so, allow me to update you a bit on current advancements in technology and present an entirely different picture of a modern-day contact centre of 21st century that not only integrates well with mobiles, landlines and online communications (be it inbound and/or outbound), but can also manage voice, emails, fax, website orders/queries, real-time chat, IVR, call routing, mobile SMS, menus, automated call-backs, multimedia queuing and much more for your business.

You get the idea, right? Let’s dive in some more and discuss some of the wonders customer care outsourcing can do for your business- 

Get Unparalleled Customer Service

It only seems plausible to let your customer service be handled by professionals with far greater knowledge and expertise on improving the quality of your customer service than undergoing the rigorous process of hiring, training and maintaining your in-house team yourself, not to mention the sizable hole it will burn in your pocket.   

Get Security and Compliance

One issue with outsourcing your business operations is trusting the third party with customers private data. Though you might not be aware of the stringent precautions companies take such as conducting intense background checks while hiring agents, prohibiting the mobile use and restricting internet access to ensure compliance and keep fraud issues under check. 

Get Operational Efficiency

Outsourcing provides your business with a flexible and scalable option by offering products based on consumer’s behaviour and helping your business with personalised marketing strategies. It also helps you deal with the rise in call volumes due to major marketing campaigns and heightened seasonal activity, all at an affordable rate.

Focus on your Core Business

Since you get your internal resources freed by engaging a 3rd party customer support provider, you will be able to lay more emphasis on core business activities such as marketing and sales, accounting, analytics and data mining, engineering etc. This will not only strengthen your company-consumer relationship but also your business in the process.

Get Round-the-clock Service

Offering your customers, a hassle-free unique experience 24/7 can be the next best thing you can do for your business as you never again have to worry about losing another potential customer who for some reasons is desperate to make his purchase during the middle of the night or during the wee hours in the morning.

Get Customer Retention and Loyalty

Contact centres are leaders when it comes to attracting, converting and retaining both new and repeat customers by offering higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention. These are generally the key factors that prevent your customers from switching over to the competition and helps build a loyal and trust-worthy relationship with them.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing customer support benefits vary from company to company. Many businesses owe their impressive sales records, high customer satisfaction ratings, lower operation costs and overall exponential growth to their decision to outsource their customer support.

Overwhelmed? Just take some time off to calculate how much customer support services can help improve your business.

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