Call Centre Outsourcing Services

Call Centre Outsourcing in the U.K

Businesses in the UK rely on call centre outsourcing services in order to focus on their core business objectives and reduce their cost of operations. Octopus Tech provides cost-effective call centre services that help you increase your business’s profits to improve your bottom line. Below are some of the services we offer under our Call Centre Outsourcing vertical:

1.Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing

Inbound call centre outsourcing provides you with services that let our clients give their customers good customer service to promote customer engagement and satisfaction.

Some of our Inbound call centre services are –

  • Customer Support
  • Help-Desk outsourcing
  • Inbound Sales
  • Order Taking Processes

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2.Outbound Call Centre Outsourcing

Our Outbound call centre outsourcing services help businesses increase their revenue by helping their customer acquisition efforts. From generating leads to selling products and services, outbound call centre services are crucial for any business.

Some of our outbound call centre services are –

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales services
  • Appointment Scheduling

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3. Telemarketing services

Our Telemarketing services in the U.K help businesses increase their revenue by generating sales for their products and services.  We help reach the right audience for your brand and educate them on the benefits of your offerings.

Some offerings of our Telemarketing services are –

  • Inbound Telemarketing
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • B2C Telemarketing
  • B2B Telemarketing

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4.Outsourced Technical Support Services

Our Technical support services act as a help-desk that caters to the customers of IT companies across the U.K and provides them with accurate and prompt support with their products. The end goal is to give customers a positive experience with their devices and help them navigate through their various complexities.

Some of our outsourced technical support services are –

  • Technical support for hardware
  • Technical support for software
  • Technical support for email
  • Technical support for portable devices

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