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Outsource Chat Support Service UK

According to a study, over 50% of customers in the U.K prefer using the website chat medium while communicating with a company. This is especially true for online shoppers on e-commerce websites. Chat has become one of the most preferred mediums of communication by today’s internet users. To keep up with this expectation, companies need to provide excellent chat support services to keep their customers happy and engaged with their brands.

Outsource chat support services to Octopus Tech as we provide multi-channel solutions to a wide variety of businesses, especially the e-commerce sector. Our team of chat support agents handle your customer’s queries, give timely solutions and even help convert website visitors into customers.

Here are some of the benefits of our Outsourced Chat Support Services in the U.K

1. Real-Time Resolution

Using chat support, customers get a real-time resolution to their issues. They do not have to wait on hold waiting for your agents to get to their calls. Whatever challenges they face or questions they have while browsing your site, they can ask the chat support agents in real-time on the spot. This increases customer satisfaction.

2.Convert website browsers into paying customers

Live chat support is a very important tool for customer acquisition especially for e-commerce websites. It helps convert casual website browsers into customers. The chat agents can provide necessary product information as well as convey the many benefits of the products. This information can sway the visitor’s mind towards making a purchase. Assistance can also be provided via chat if a customer faces any issue making the payment.

3. Visitor Analytics

Through the chat medium, a lot of valuable information regarding customer behavior can be gauged. Everything from the pages they spent more time on to the products they were interested in. It can all be gathered via chat. You can also get to know what the customers feel about your brand and what changes they would want. All of this is extremely valuable information for any business.

4. Reduces Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems that e-commerce companies face in the U.K and across the world. Your customers abandon their carts for many reasons. Some may find the navigation of the site confusing or may be facing errors on the checkout page. Having a live chat agent to communicate with will make it easier for them to complete the purchase. Our chat agents can walk them through the required steps for completing the payments.

Why choose us?

  • Well trained and qualified staff
  • 24/7 chat support capability
  • Scalable and customized chat solutions
  • Detailed reporting of customer interactions and feedback

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