Outsource Data Entry Services

Outsource Data Entry Services in the U.K

There are many backend processes that are important in the day to day operations of a company. However, in order to focus on their core competencies and to reduce operating costs, businesses in the U.K choose to outsource their data entry services to third-party outsourcing companies.

Octopus Tech provides accurate and proficient data entry services that ensure timely delivery and authentic data across multiple platforms and formats. With us, your data remains 100% secure.

Below are some of the Data Entry Services we provide –

1. E-Book data entry service

E-Books are the latest trend in the publishing industry. We work with publishers to handle the data entry processes for e-books and handle their conversions.

2. Online data entry service

When you need real-time data entry into any custom CRM or online tool, our team works around the clock as per your requirement to provide you the best online data entry services.

3. Offline data entry service

We handle offline data entry as well and that too in bulk volumes. Regardless of the platform or format, our team of data entry professionals can handle all tasks.

4. Catalog data entry services

Various industries need their catalogs updated regularly. It can be a time-consuming task but an important one. By outsourcing it to Octopus Tech, businesses can focus on their core tasks and reduce their costs too.

5. E-Commerce Product Entry

E-Commerce sites need various new products updated on their websites regularly. This requires updating content as well as images on the product pages. Octopus Tech’s data entry services help e-commerce store owners simplify this process with ease.

Why choose us?

  • 1. Well trained data entry experts
  • 2. Our technical know-how of various advanced technology
  • 3. Timely and accurate project delivery
  • 4. 100% security and confidentiality of your data

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