E-Surveillance Services

E-Surveillance Services in U.K

According to a study, there are approximately 6000 new cases of robbery in the U.K every month. Retail stores, banks, warehouses are the businesses that are the most at risk to suffer losses due to these crimes. The current CCTV systems being used are only good for recording the crime and acting as a partial evidence after the act has been committed. There is a need for a smarter and more proactive security solution.

Octopus Tech’s E-Surveillance services help business prevent losses and maintain their profitability by offering intelligence based e-surveillance monitoring services. Our team of experts monitor all your sites remotely from a centralized command center and raise real-time alerts in case of any incident. This way, not only do we record crimes, we help prevent them too.

Here are the benefits of our E-Surveillance services in the U.K –

Real-time monitoring

With our e-surveillance, we can monitor your site’s video footage in real-time to know what goes on there at all times. This helps us take proactive actions and prevent any criminal activity as it occurs. Our services operate 24*7 and give you real-time alerts as well.

Multiple site view

One of the biggest advantages of our service is that we can view multiple sites from our command center. We can monitor multiple locations in different parts of the country or even the world from a single room. Giving more control and convenience to you and allowing us to keep an eye on your business locations thoroughly.

Deep Insights into your Business

Our e-surveillance gives you valuable insights into your day to day operations. This informs you of various loop-holes in your security as well as areas of improvement for more productivity. Changes that are made to the business based on this information can lead to improved profitability.

Easy Integration with Current Systems

Our e-surveillance does not require you to install all new hardware. Our solutions can easily integrate with your cameras so you do not have to spend money on acquiring new equipment. This makes our service economical and convenient.

Accessibility of Footage

Since the video footage recorded by us is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed from any location in the world. Also, it can be accessed using any device, whether desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This feature lets you keep an eye on your sites remotely no matter where you are.

2-way Communication system

We offer a 2-way communication system that allows our virtual guards to communicate through the cameras to the people on your location. This feature can be extremely helpful in preventing crimes. If a criminal is detected in the act of a robbery, our guards will inform the individual that he has been caught on camera and the authorities have been called. This will make them abandon their act and leave, thus preventing the robbery.

The industries we serve:

Our e-surveillance solutions are beneficial to several sectors and industries in different ways, below are just some of the sectors that can
benefit from our solutions.

  • 1. Large Scale Retail
  • 2. E-Commerce
  • 3. Logistics
  • 4. Banks
  • 5. Office Buildings
  • 6. Restaurants
  • 7. Hospitals
  • 8. Educational Institutions
  • 9. Manufacturing Plants…….and much more

Protect your business today implementing our e-surveillance services at your locations and reduce losses due to inventory shrinkage, employee theft, shoplifting and other causes. Contact Octopus Tech today.

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