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E-Mail Support Outsourcing U.K

E-Mail is the most preferred communication channel between a company and its customers. No matter whether the customers are young or old, e-mail is a technology everyone can use with ease. It allows for the detailed description of issues and allows attaching documents, images, and even videos. Most companies do not pay the required attention to this channel of communication but the ones that do are able to achieve a whole new level of customer satisfaction.

With Octopus Tech’s outsourced email support services, you can provide your customers with the best standard of email support and raise the level of your customer service. Our email support agents provide timely response to your customer’s every query and ensure accurate resolutions every time.

Here are some services offered under our email support outsourcing services –

1. Customer support

Provide your customers with the prompt answers to their various queries with our email-based customer care service.  This includes emailing customers details regarding your products and services.

2. Order tracking & fulfillment

In the case of e-commerce companies, customers send emails with the information of their product, when it has been shipped, through which courier company and when is the expected arrival date. In case the shipment does not arrive, customers can revert back to the same mail and your team can help them further.

3. Technical Support

E-mail channel is also used to provide technical support to customers of IT companies that face issues with their devices or software. Troubleshooting steps, as well as guides, are sent via email that can assist those customers in the resolution of some common and not so common technical issues.

4. Escalation Management

Through email, many customers send in complaints regarding product and services that the lower level of support agents was not able to resolve. These complaints can also include issues related to staff behavior as well as overall experience with the brand. Handling such escalation is critical to retaining customers and securing the reputation of the brand. This is also handled by our email support team.

Why choose us?

  • 1. 24/7 Email Support Capability
  • 2. Real-Time response to customer emails
  • 3. Timely resolution of Technical and Non Technical issues
  • 4. Maintain customer loyalty to sustain current customer base
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