Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing UK

Law firms in the U.K have to carry out many administrative tasks on a daily basis. These tasks are essential for the proper functioning of their firms as well as for successful trials. Though essential, these tasks need not be carried out by the lawyers of the firm who have more important and critical things to deal with.

At Octopus Tech, we provide Legal Process Outsourcing services that help law firms in the U.K streamline their various tasks at a cost-effective way to not only save your firm’s money but also precious time and resources. We handle the growing challenges of not only law firms but also of the legal departments of various multi-national corporations.

Here are some of the services we offer under our LPO vertical –

Litigation support

Every single legal trial has many repetitive and tiresome tasks that are crucial to its success. These tasks can include drafting complaints, summons, organizing chronologies and many more. Octopus Tech’s litigation support services help your firm by handling all these trial related tasks and performing them in a timely manner to bring about positive results for the firm.

Paralegal services

Paralegals are legal assistants that help lawyers with their various day to day tasks. Since these tasks are important and growing by the number, paralegals have become an important part of any legal operation. However, there is a better alternative than hiring them in-house. Octopus Tech’s paralegal services help you with documentation, legal data entry, research, notary services etc.

Legal document review

It is imperative that legal documents pertaining to any case be reviewed thoroughly to ensure there are no errors. This is a time taking a process that requires a lot of focus and attention. Outsourcing legal document review to an LPO company is the wise option here.  Under legal document review services in the U.K, we offer – initial review before litigation, document storage, coding, indexing, and formatting of documents.

Law office management

Managing an entire law office is not an easy endeavor. By outsourcing, this mammoth task to experts will save your business money and time. Our expert law office management service in the U.K offers – the opening of client files, storage of client files, drafting various agreements between parties and drafting industry-specific contracts etc.

Why choose us?

  • 1. Our experts understand legal systems of US/UK
  • 2. Understanding of your Judicial systems and rules of court
  • 3. Closure of all tasks as per deadline
  • 4. Our team has certified lawyers with verified law degrees
  • 5. Knowledge of changes in global legal systems and laws

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