Outbound Call Centre Outsourcing Services

Outbound Call Centre Outsourcing in U.K

Outbound call centres help your business acquire new customers as well as retain the existing ones. Outbound services also help increase the brand awareness for your company and let you get the required feedback from your customers about their loyalty towards it. In order to reduce operating costs as well as gain access to specialized skills, businesses choose to outsource these outbound services.

Octopus Tech provides your business the with outbound call centre outsourcing services that allow you to gain a competitive edge and increase revenues.

Here are some of the outbound call centre services we offer –

Lead Generation

In lead generation, prospect customers or clients are called to educate them regarding the various features and advantages of the companies various offerings. This process is used either to fix meetings with decision makers for B2B companies or convert prospects into buyers in B2C companies.

Octopus Tech’s lead generation services help businesses expand through customer and client acquisition. Our team is with you throughout the customer acquisition journey.

Customer Survey

Customer surveys are a good way to understand how the customers feel about your brand and how loyal they are to it. This valuable information can be used to make necessary changes in the business to satisfy customer needs. These surveys are conducted through calling a database of existing customers.

Octopus Tech helps your business get the required feedback from the customers and improve service levels by conducting thorough and professional customer surveys.

Customer Retention

In highly competitive businesses, retaining existing customers can be the key differentiating factor between a successful business venture and a failed one. In companies that provide services, customer retention processes involve calling customers that have decided to leave a brand and trying to convince them to stay with the brand by offering certain incentives.

Octopus Tech’s outbound services help businesses across the U.K retain their valuable customers and keep them engaged with the brand. We remain the link between the customers and the brands.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is an essential part of business development as it assists your core sales teams to book meetings with the decision makers of their target companies. You can outsource this process to a third party which can contact these potential leads to set up appointments. This process goes a long way towards helping your business development efforts.

Octopus Tech’s outbound call centre services help your business achieve its organizational goals and increasing profitability. Our team of professionals has the required knowledge and experience to carry forward all activities that lead to customer acquisition.

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