Outsourced Telemarketing services

Outsourced Telemarketing services in U.K

Telemarketing services are the most effective way to reach new customers and market your product to the right audience.  Using effective telemarketing techniques, your business can increase its sales on a regular basis and grow its overall market share in the U.K and abroad.

Octopus Tech helps enhance your business’s growth and revenues with the help of our expert sales team. Our domain expertise makes us the right outsourcing partners for your business.

Octopus Tech offers the following telemarketing services in the U.K –

Outbound Telemarketing

This process involves contacting prospect customers for your services and contacting them via calls to educate them on the features and advantages of the services and try to convince them to convert into paying customers.

Octopus Tech’s outbound marketing helps you acquire new customers and aids your business development team’s efforts using our sales experience.

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing involves trying to cross-sell or up-sell certain services or products to the existing customers of a company when they call in. This process involves capitalizing on the current customer base of the company to enhance sales and profits.

With the help of our inbound sales team, your business can achieve its goals in a cost-effective manner, thus improving the overall profitability of the business.

B2B Telemarketing

B2B telemarketing involves contacting the decision makers of target companies and pitching them the products or solutions offered by your company in order to convince them to take a meeting with the sales team of your higher management. This process involves convincing skills and business acumen.

Our team of B2B telemarketers has industry experience in generating business to business leads and seeing them through till conversion.

B2C Telemarketing

B2C telemarketing involves contacting the end users of a product or service and pitching them the service. This involves making calls in high volume to achieve the organizational goals. The team has to know how to interact with customers to make the sales or to book a product demo, whichever may be the ultimate goal.

Octopus Tech provides B2C telemarketing services that help your company increase its customer base and sales to improve the overall bottom line of the company.

To grow your business and increase your sales, contact us today to know more about our Telemarketing services.

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