Virtual Assistants Services For Real Estate

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate in the U.K

The real-estate sector in U.K is seen tremendous growth. With this growth, there are many activities that a real-estate agent or firm has to perform in order to carry out their day to day business successfully. These tasks include answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, replying to emails, managing online postings and many more. In order to reduce this burden, most real-estate companies in the U.K these days hire a virtual assistant for real estate.

Octopus Tech’s virtual assistant services for real-estate help your business grow while letting you focus only on the things that absolutely need your attention. As for the rest, our VA takes care of it so you don’t have to. Our professional and well-trained staff work remotely to save you on the cost of infrastructure as well.

Here are some of the benefits of our Virtual Assistant services for Real-Estate:


Hiring our virtual assistants of an economical option as they can do the same tasks for you that an in-house employee can do, at a less cost. Since the virtual assistant will be working remotely, it saves you infrastructure costs as well.

Call Forwarding

Our virtual assistants forward your important calls to the right departments or individuals. This way, calls of high priority are handled with the attention they deserve and no call goes unanswered. This will reduce the burden on you and improve the overall efficiency.

Taking Accurate Notes

Our virtual assistants take accurate notes and messages and make sure they are communicated to the right parties in a timely manner. Thanks to our VA, you will never miss an important message from a client again. What’s more? You will have readily available notes of all your communications available for reference at a moment’s notice.

Inbound Email Handling

Our virtual assistant also handles all incoming emails as well. They make sure all relevant emails are replied to and any urgent email that requires your personal attention is forwarded to you on priority. As you have better things to focus on than handling emails, this saves you precious time to focus on the client handling side of things.

Managing customer Happiness

The real-estate business runs on relationships. Maintaining or building relationships is a vital task. By having all your phone calls answered politely and courteously, you can ensure the delight and satisfaction of your prospect clients. Octopus Tech’s virtual assistant will help you build and nurture relationships for your business.

Offering Customized Services

Our virtual assistants work as per your requirement and timing, offering truly flexible services. You only get billed for the number of hours the VA for you. A performance tracking software keeps track of the VA’s time spent on your tasks to monitor their productivity. You can hire our virtual assistants for seasonal work as well for which finding employees might be difficult.

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